About Us

The Chef’s Market is the Chef’s Table

Our Story

In fine restaurants the chef’s table is where special guests of the chef are served extraordinary menus with personal service.

Chef’s Table is a staple of Philadelphia’s food scene from its creation in 1985. Chef’s has been planning events and preparing food for corporate and social occasions all while developing an extensive client list! We currently have deliveries from early in the morning until late at night ranging from breakfast service to cocktail hours with sit-down dinner with linens, china, and wait staff. Chef’s Table is also trending with our “ghost kitchen” concepts including Long Shot BBQ, Day Break Eggs, Texitos, and Pedroni’s Pizza. We appreciate your business and hope to see you again soon!

We Respect You

Our Core Values

Chef’s Market with its history of great food and services, introduces the Chef’s Table. We offer extraordinary menus and personal service for your special guests. Our staff will assist you in selecting the perfect menu.


We build the menu around YOU and your vision! We can take existing ideas and build on to them or create something completely new. Our coordinators and chefs keep things fresh and are able to handle any task

Flexible Schedule

Schedules can be hectic, that's why we deliver early morning, late at night and everywhere in between! We remain prompt so you have one less thing to worry about. Have a last minute request? no problem, we'll work with you to get the job done

Affordable package

Curating a menu based on your taste and budget. Nothing is too simple or too extravagant!

Our Mission

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Our Vision

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Our Staff

Chrys & Peter


Event Planning



Kevin enjoys planning weddings, love and long walks on the beach



Texan naitive, Jordan is embracing the City of Brotherly Love by heading to as many Sixers games as possible!



A Chef’s Table staple, Adrienne has been creating events for as long as she can remember!

jenner (1)


Our resident spice girl and Delco queen, Jenna knocks any and every event out of the park!

nicole (2)


No detail is too small for Nicole! A diligent planner to make sure your event is as awesome as she



Sure to make you smile, Patrick assists compiling data with client details



A wonderful addition to the Chef's front office, Ella is consistent and diligent in anything she puts her mind to.



Chef Ray comes with over three decades of experience. He sees your vision and brings it to life!


Brian is our jack-of-all-trades able to roll with the punches! Whether it be slicing and dicing or carving meat, Brian is our man!


The culinary experience is overwhelming when it comes to Richard, especially with delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes!


Boss lady of the concept kitchens! Long Shot BBQ, Day Break Eggs, Texitos and Pedronis would be nothing without her!


A pastry chef like no other, Max comes to us with decades of past experience. Have you tried his amazing dessert tacos?!

Operations Management


With plenty of experience, Conor aids in streamlining efficiency before, during and after events


The gift that keeps on giving! Kacey remains calm, cool and collected to get any and all deliveries out on time

Accounting/ HR



Our go to guy for anything accounting and human resources related

Concept Kitchen Staff



Keara, Fatta, Shante and Blake are the (wo)man power behind the Long Shot BBQ, Day Break Eggs, Textios, and Pedroni's Pizza. We would go hungry with out them!




Forever an Islander fan, Joshua comes to us all the way from Long Island. We will make an exception for this New York driver!


Best Venue

Chef’s Table Catering Presents

Chef’s Table’s newest concepts! BBQ, Breakfast, Mexican and Pizza all with premium meats and ingredients.